Cycle Your Hormone Creams

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I want to help you use your creams! Many women have tried using bio-identical hormone creams with no success.  Are you one of them?  Join the crowd!!  Patients have been calling me for years with questions and frustrations.  Many other … Continued


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Beautiful hair, skin and nails are sought after by many.  Many creams, oils, potions and lotions are sold every day to women for “quick” cures on improving our hair, skin and nails!  Slathering these products on our outside may not … Continued


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  To perform a proper nutritional: I need to ask you a lot of questions.  For example, I will need to know how much stress you have in your life, any anxiety you might be experiencing, if you are depressed … Continued

Weight Reduction

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Weight loss is about the glandular system!!  What is the glandular system?  All those chemicals and hormones that run your body!! You are not going to achieve weight loss if the hormones in your body are working against you.  In … Continued

Leaky Gut

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LEAKY GUT SYNDROME So, let’s get back to treating the underlying cause.  With Auto-immune conditions, something is causing your immune system to get TOO ACTIVE and it can start attacking tissue randomly.  Your system could attack your brain cells, your … Continued