Coconut Oil

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This is one of the most wonderful oils you can ingest!  Coconut is actually the consistency of butter and can be used in the place of!  It can be raised to about 350 degrees before getting denatured, so it is … Continued

Pesticides Mimic Hormones!?

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OH, no!   YES!  This is true.  Please Google:  Agritoxins: Ventura County’s TOXIC TIME BOMB.  The Wishtoyo Foundation from Oxnard, CA helps monitor the toxic pesticides used in agriculture.  Did you know that about 44% of the land in Ventura County … Continued

What is Muscle Testing?

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Muscle stress testing is different from muscle strength testing. Muscle strength testing is checking for neurological damage or muscle damage which is usually the result of a trauma. Chiropractors use this kind of testing most commonly on patients following an … Continued

Pre-Menopause and Menopause

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What is Pre-Menopause? This is a good question because, to tell you the truth, the beginning of Menopause can start after age 21!  What?  No!  Wow!  Yes, look at these changing hormone levels: From Birth to start of your first … Continued