Brown Seaweed Inhibits Fat Accumulation

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Study posted in Pub Med. (Mar Drugs  2011; 9 (8): 1359-67.  E pub 2011 Aug 10. Brown Seaweed inhibits fat accumulation.  The fucoidans in the brown seaweed decreases the uptake of glucose in the body.  Because of that, it will stimulate … Continued

Lose The Wheat, Lose the Weight

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Have you read the book by Dr. William Davis called: Wheat Belly:  Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight?  Dr. Davis really slams the wheat.  Dr. Davis is a well-known cardiologist and he backs up his data with science. He refers … Continued


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When I use the word “stress”, most people instantly think of emotional stress.  But the body’s reaction is the same whether it is anyone of a number of “stresses”.  There is Physical stress which could be healing from an injury, … Continued