Dr. Kimberly Johnson grew up here in Ventura County. She is an avid, swimmer and surfer and was a professional life guard at Hueneme Beach. While surfing in Puerto Escondido she was severely injured. This injury resulted in her discovery of the benefits of chiropractic and massage therapy. Following graduation from University of Santa Cruz she pursued her doctorate at Life West, graduating in 2008. Prior to this, she studied bodywork at Kali Insitute and is a certified body worker.

While attending chiropractic college,she organized complimentary chiropractic care at two homeless shelters. Following graduation she volunteered on a chiropractic  misson trip to El Salvador, and traveled to Hawaii to volunteer at the Triple Crome Surf Contest. In 2009, Dr. Kim moved to Ireland to run and manage a family chiropractic office. She also provided care to rugby, gaelic, and hurling players, farmers babies, pregnant women and toddlers. She also took a vocational vacation to cover an office in Spain for 2 months.

In 2013, Dr. Kim moved to New Zealand to work with Queenstown Health. There she was a team player in working with massage therapists, physical therapists,  acupuncturists and chiropractors on avid athletes, such as professional rugby players, and paragliders. She was the chiropractor for the Queenstown Rovers Division 1 football team.

Dr. Kim left New Zealand, volunteering with Sea Mercy to provide disaster relief following Cyclone  Pam.

Dr. Kim’s passion is to be a “doctor of the future”, assisting people of all ages towards health. This is so aptly expressed by the World Health Organization, “not merely the absence of disease or sickness,” but “social, mental, and physical wellbeing.