Pesticides Mimic Hormones!?

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OH, no!   YES!  This is true.  Please Google:  Agritoxins: Ventura County’s TOXIC TIME BOMB.  The Wishtoyo Foundation from Oxnard, CA helps monitor the toxic pesticides used in agriculture.  Did you know that about 44% of the land in Ventura County … Continued

Cycle Your Hormone Creams

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I want to help you use your creams! Many women have tried using bio-identical hormone creams with no success.  Are you one of them?  Join the crowd!!  Patients have been calling me for years with questions and frustrations.  Many other … Continued


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Do you feel like you are aging TOO EARLY??? Do you feel worn out and tired all the time? Do you want that “young” feeling you use to have? If you answered, “YES” to any of the above questions, then … Continued