Holistic Animal Care

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Holistic Animal care includes the use of VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation)–Chiropractic for animals, plus nutritional supplements, homeopathy and food supplements.

Use of nutritional therapies have a goal of not just treating the symptoms of a disease or condition, but rather helping to cure or treat the cause of the health problem.

This includes the use of homeopathic remedies, nutritional and food supplements.  Homeopathy are remedies made from natural substances (plants, minerals and animal products) that are potentized (made powerful) to impact the animal’s vital force energetically.  The remedies sstrengthen and re-balance the life force so that symptoms can resolve naturally.

Clinical nutrition is the use of supplememnts or food as natural medicine.  Many of our animals are diseased because we have been feeding them processed and packaaged foods for many generations.  Commercial diets (and some “home-made” diets) are deficient in nutrition, imbalanced, or contain toxins.

Food sensitivities are very common with animals and cause stress in their systems.  (Chemicals, metals, GMO’s, food sensitivities, radiation exposure, etc.).

We help you find a biologically appropriate diet that will help build and maintain health.  We put together a carefully designed supplement program.  The best way to tailor a nutritional program is to use Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing).  This is a diagnostic test that allows us to determine what organs are stressed and what is causing the stress (chemicals, metals, food intolerances, immune challenges, etc.).  We then test for the remedy or supplement that helps alleviate the body problem and help to restore function.