Are Heavy Metals or Other Toxins Causing Body Problems?

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Poisons do their damage at the cellular level by interfering with normal physiological processes.  The structure of the cell is directly related to how it works or doesn’t work.  Each cell has a double layer that surrounds it—it is kind of like a fence!  This fence is made of about 50% fat and 50% protein.   This proportion is to help it communicate AND to help protect itself.

So here is where the problems lie:  Metals and most other toxins are fat soluble and they can end up in the cell wall.  They are dissolved into the fat of the cell!  As each cell gets more and more of these toxins in its wall, the function of the cell is changed more and more.  Toxins entering the body in water, food, air or through the skin gradually build up slowly interfering with the function and causing illness.

Illness Connected to Heavy Metal Toxicity:  Common Symptoms

Nervous System malfunctions – burning extremities, numbness, tingling, paralysis, and/or an electrifying feeling throughout the body

Chronic pain throughout the muscles and tendons or any soft tissues of the body

Chronic infections such as Candida and virus

Food allergies

Migraines and/or headaches

Mood swings, depression, and/or anxiety

Gastrointestinal complaints, such as constipation, bloating, gas, heartburn, and indigestion

Mercury and lead inhibit critical function.   Other links on Heavy Metal Symptoms, treatments and other relevant information: