Lose The Wheat, Lose the Weight

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Have you read the book by Dr. William Davis called: Wheat Belly:  Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight?  Dr. Davis really slams the wheat.  Dr. Davis is a well-known cardiologist and he backs up his data with science.

He refers to “whole grains” as foods that aren’t edible and he says, “There is a germ of truth in this whole grain disaster:  Whole grains are indeed healthier than white flour products-just as filtered cigarettes are healthier than unfiltered cigarettes.  So should you smoke more Salems in place of your Marlboros?  I don’t think so!”

The Wheat we have today is NOT what we had in Ancient time.  Not, that the Ancient wheat was that great for you anyway!  But, the wheat we have today is genetically sooo different.  Modern wheat contains 42 chromosomes, which is 28 more than Ancient wheat, which is big trouble.

Why do you gain weight when you eat wheat? 

The main reason is due to the insulin response.  Wheat/carbohydrates cause a spike in blood sugar.  These “spikes” are how a  food gets it’s “glycemic index” which is how we measure what it does to your blood sugar.  This wheat causes a spike higher than a candy bar, ice cream or pure table sugar!

The carbohydrate in wheat is called Amylopectin; this Amylopectin causes an insulin response so strong that it causes fat to form specifically in your organs.  This means that your liver, pancreas, kidneys, your intestines and your BELLY become engorged with fat…creating the picture of most people’s bodies.

A cascade of hormones results keeping you very inflammed.  Just one big, swollen body.  Once you are inflammed, you hurt, you don’t sleep well, you don’t repair quickly, you get fatigue and an uncontrollable spiral of weight gain can continue.

Other problems with wheat:  creates small holes in your intestines (“Leaky Gut”), withdrawal symptoms, night-time cravings, mental sluggishness, attention disorders, skin disorders and much more!

What to do?

  Give up wheat!  Eat more fresh vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats, fruits.  Look for gluten-free products to buy and read the ingredients, this will give you an idea of the foods you can have.

Ask me for help, if you have any questions.  I also recommend you buying Dr. Davis’ book!