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When I use the word “stress”, most people instantly think of emotional stress.  But the body’s reaction is the same whether it is anyone of a number of “stresses”.  There is Physical stress which could be healing from an injury, or not getting enough sleep, for instance, or working out for long periods of time.  Electrical or energy frequencies also affect the body and cause stresses.  We have our blue tooth’s, computers, cell phone waves, TV and much, much more.  Chemical stress is another big change in the body that we are constantly dealing with.  Add on top of all this our emotional and mental challenges, and the nervous, endocrine (hormone) and immune changes in the body multiply.  The stress, whether it be emotional, chemical, physical or electrical sends the same signals through your body.  It goes a bit like this:  The Brain and Nervous system sends the signal of any one or combination of stressors, the endocrine system reacts (such as the adrenals releasing cortisol) and then the blood sugar comes up, then the pancreas releases insulin, then the blood sugar may crash, then the immune system sends out white blood cells for attack and clean up.  We have just described INFLAMMATION.  Where is the inflammation?  EVERY WHERE!  You may feel it in your gut, joints, brain, heart, thyroid and the list goes on…

All of the above stressors change our balance in the gut!  Our bowel needs to have a good balance of natural “flora” and the bugs that live in our intestines are there to aid in digestion, an army, of sorts, to help keep the growth of the “bad” organisms from growing.  The intestinal flora is also important to help make certain vitamins and to help physiological reactions to take place such as the conversion of inactive Thyroid hormone to active Thyroid hormone.  I’ll bet you never thought that the bacteria in your gut had anything to do with making your thyroid work better!!

What puts our gut out of balance?  Antibiotics, insecticides/pesticides, certain foods or reactions to food allergens, such as gluten, grains, dairy, chocolate and coffee.

What causes “Leaky Gut”?  This is also called Intestinal Permeability.  When the natural flora in the gut get down to a minimal population, it allows the growth of harmful organisms such as Candida to grow.  This overgrowth of fungi can undergo some pretty sneaky behavior.  They can actually bore (drill) out through the intestinal wall and become blood borne.  Now we have the “leak”.  Other substances can now leak out.  This mess can cause changes in the immune reactions and also in our hormone balance.  Now we get plagued with all sorts of symptoms:  Thyroid symptoms (changes in metabolism), brain changes (foggy, memory changes), digestion disorders, blood sugar symptoms, painful joints, liver stress and auto-immune disorders.

We have a test to see if you have Leaky Gut.  We also have a fix for it!  The program has different steps.  Starting with avoiding foods that irritate the situation, then killing the bad bugs in the bowel, re-inoculating the good bugs, and repairing the wall of the intestines.  Call us if you suspect you have stress affecting your gut!