Pesticides Mimic Hormones!?

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OH, no!   YES!  This is true.  Please Google:  Agritoxins: Ventura County’s TOXIC TIME BOMB.  The Wishtoyo Foundation from Oxnard, CA helps monitor the toxic pesticides used in agriculture.  Did you know that about 44% of the land in Ventura County is used for agriculture?  Most of this farmland (mostly strawberries) are sprayed with pesticides such as methyl bromide from the air and on windy days, about 80% may not even go onto the field they are spraying!  Wow.  They are spraying us!  These chemicals  run off and go into our rivers, estuaries and into our ocean affecting ALL life.

I have a practice that helps people detox and we balance hormones in people who have been exposed.  I run blood and saliva tests and find MANY thyroid and male/female malfunctions.  Studies show that some pesticides mimic the effects of natural human hormones, especially estrogen and thyroxine.  There are about 58 counties in California and Ventura is ranked about 9th in the use of the most toxic pesticides used in any other county!  Ventura County also has the highest death rate from breast cancer in all of California!

Please use this blog as a “wake-up call” and get yourself cleansed and away from the fields!